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As a passionate serial entrepreneur and disruptor. I co-founded Waze, the world’s largest driving traffic and navigation app, in 2007. The app, nowadays used by more than 750 million drivers around the globe, was acquired by Google in June of 2013 for $1.1 billion. Another achievement I am proud of is Moovit, ‘Waze for public transportation’, where I was the first board member and an investor. Moovit, which is used by more than 750 million individuals worldwide, was acquired by Intel for $1 Billion in 2020.

Since Waze acquisition, I am actively pursuing my dream to create significant value for large audiences through the series of startups I founded. My vision is specifically intended to disrupt inefficient markets and improve under-functioning services, focus on solving ‘BIG problems’, saving consumers time and money while empowering them.

Committed to spreading entrepreneurial thinking, it was only natural for me to take the next step with writing the book, “Fall In Love with the Problem – Not the Solution, a Handbook for entrepreneurs”

In line with my vision, I dedicate significant time to public speaking engagements to audience around world, inspiring them through the lens of entrepreneurship and disruption, speaking of contemporary revolutions of markets and startups. My presentations rely heavily on my entrepreneurial and personal experiences with the intention to benefit people from the lessons I’ve learned, and look back on both success and failures I’ve witnessed along my path.

I am also motivated to encourage the next generation of thinkers and innovators and I lead an academic workshop entitled “How to Build a Startup”, aimed at undergraduate and graduate level business students.

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I particularly love the challenge of solving BIG problems in ways that will benefit large audiences and create significant impact. Most of my startups are the product of my own ideas, and I am typically involved as co-founder, chairman or board member


Co-Founder and Active Chairman

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1st Member of the board

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Founder, Chairman and 1st investor

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Chairman and First Investor

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Investor and Member of the Board

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Co-Founder & Chairman

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Board Member

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Investor and Board Member

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More to come…

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Over the years, I have delivered hundreds of presentations and keynote addresses speaking all over the world to entrepreneurs, businessmen, students and others, with the goal to share my experience and insights.
My presentations and workshops focus on a variety of subjects, including entrepreneurship, disruption, evolution vs. revolutions of markets and startups

Cookbook for entrepreneurs

I love talking to entrepreneurs and share my passion for startups. My hope is to empower them by sharing my experiences through what I call “A Cookbook for Startups”

Keynote speaker

I also meet with large audiences as a keynote speaker at conferences and events for the business community.


Specially designed workshops are my favorite tool to empower entrepreneurs, students and other academic audiences



If you are an entrepreneur, wondering whether to contact me or not, please read the text below but please take into consideration, that I am not looking to make new investments at the moment.

The startups I am involved with are usually based on ideas I developed and with teams I built for this purpose. In other cases, I join teams at the very beginning of their work, as an actively involved investor/chairman/board member.

My focus is on solving “big problems” with great impact, empower consumers and save them time and money. In addition, I take special interest in transportation and mobility industries.

At the moment, I am not looking for new investments, but you can contact me if you wish to get my insights and advice about your startup.

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