Fall In Love with the Problem, Not the Solution -
A Handbook for Entrepreneurs

I am an entrepreneur and also a mentor and teacher. My passion for change brought me to be part of the leading teams of two unicorns: Waze, the world’s largest traffic and navigation app, and Moovit, the leading Mobility-as-a-Service for public transportation. Waze and Moovit were each sold for over $1 billion to tech giants Google and Intel, respectively.

Committed to spreading entrepreneurial thinking, it was only natural for me to take the next step with writing the book, “Fall In Love with the Problem – Not the Solution, a Handbook for entrepreneurs”

In this book I aspire to help other founders, entrepreneurs, executives, and employees to benefit from my share of success and failure, and make use of the insights and tips (Startips) I provide in it.

Throughout the book I unveil the truth behind the hardship of building a startup, side by side providing a cookbook for entrepreneurs in terms of how to make it right, with the hope that my readers will use my insights and Startips to guide their way and increase their chances to succeed.

The book also provides an inside look at the creation and sale of Waze and my second unicorn, Moovit, revealing the formula that drove those companies to compete with industry giants.

Fall In Love with the Problem, Not the Solution offers mentorship in a book, and aims to empower you to build a successful business by identifying your consumers’ biggest problems and disrupting the inefficient markets that currently serve them.

In the book, you can follow my startips and insights about:

Firing &



Reaching Product
Market Fit

Scaling Up

Going Global


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