Users’ Perception of the Problem

Once we choose to solve a problem, a real problem, the understanding of how other people perceive that problem, is crucial in order to build a valuable solution.

Once you know the problem you’re trying to solve, define it and think about those that have this problem. Then, meet them in order to understand what they think about this problem, to the level that you understand how the value is perceived.

Many people use waze, and I am pretty sure you do as well, now what’s the perception of the value of waze for you? is that Is it outsmarting traffic (finding a faster route)? is that Is it the accuracy of the ETA? is that Is it knowing what’s going on? Or, is that something else?

Different people have different perceptions, while you are only an amazing sample of ONE person. Therefore, you have to meet and recognize your audiences in order to understand them better and create a better solution.

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  • Chad Hill
    10/07/2018 21:17

    Many things are developed by smart people looking at the problem from their design side.

    Like a math problem.

    It is only after they make a product that they decide to market it for sale.

    This leads to an endless attempts to force their product to adapt to the market instead of being designed for the market.


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